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Famous Women

Joan of Arc
Mary Anning
Susan B. Anthony
Clara Barton

Hillary Clinton
Marie Curie
Princess Diana
Emily Dickinson
Amelia Earhart
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth II
Jane Fonda
Betty Ford
Indira Gandhi
Jane Goodall
Catherine the Great
Helen Keller
Mary Magdalene
Catherine de Medici
Golda Meir
Marilyn Monroe
Grandma Moses
Queen Nefertiti
Florence Nightengale
Sandra Day O'Connor
Georgia O'Keeffe
Rosa Parks
Eleanor Roosevelt
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Wilma Rudolph
Mary Queen of Scots
Gloria Steinem
Martha Stewart
Elizabeth Taylor
Mother Teresa
Margaret Thatcher
Harriet Tubman
Queen Victoria
Oprah Winfrey
Babe Didrikson Zaharias




Featured on these pages are biographies of famous women throughout history and from around the world. This list of famous women serves to recognize them for their contributions to society, culture and science. Famous and notable females and their contributions will be factually presented. In addition, at the end of some sections may be a little known secret about each of our famous women. And this may not be so factual in nature. LOL. :) Did I say that we like fun?

Famous Woman
Joan of Arc in Battle

Notable women throughout history have achieved fame by giving of their wisdom, generosity, empathy and leadership skills. Some of the most famous females of all time include artists, writers, entertainers, scientists, explorers, rebels, political leaders, religious leaders, educators, lawyers, athletes and titans of industry.

Noteworthy females have run countries, won Nobel Prizes and led revolutions. Many of these women include celebrities and other notables. But also presented on this site are those who simply stood up for themselves, their families and their beliefs and changed the world by doing so.

Patchwork or Quilt?

In a patchwork of patriarchal societies like we have on this planet, women often go unnoticed and under recognized. Even in today's modern world there are still some countries like India and China where birthing a boy is more "valued" than birthing a girl.

Social, political and economic realities have weighed heavily on most societies since civilized mankind began. The famous women listed on this site, resisted, broke through barriers, crushed glass ceilings and otherwise had an impact on the world as we now know it.

Oprah Winfrey

Just in the last 2 centuries the Women's Suffrage Movement in the 18th to 20th centuries, the Women's Liberation Movement starting in the 1960's and the Feminist Movement to follow from the 1990's to today have shown many female leaders in action, thought and decision.

These pages are a celebration of the notable females in history who have shaped our world progressively for the betterment of all people. These pages are not a statement on equal rights or gender equality although these items will come into play.

In Conclusion ...

Famous women throughout history need to be celebrated for their forward thinking, contributions, desire and action. These females have made a positive impact amongst the societies in which they had lived and they have long-lasting implications of today. So, check out the information and even humor about the notable females on these pages and let us know if there is anyone you would also like included in this celebratory space as well.

Updated October 05, 2015


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