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Hillary Clinton

Current Secretary of State and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago in 1947. She attended Yale Law School in Connecticut where she graduated with honors. Throughout college she worked summers and breaks in various programs advocating for migrant workers and for victims of child abuse. In 1974, she joined the faculty of the University of Arkansas Law School with her Yale classmate and boyfriend Bill Clinton also worked.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

In 1975, the two married forming one of the most formidable political partnerships since FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt. In 1978, Bill began serving his first of five terms as Governor of Arkansas. In 1980, the couple gave birth to a daughter, Chelsea Clinton. While the First Lady of Arkansas, Clinton pursued many causes working for children, education, and families. She also wrote a weekly newspaper column where she discussed political and social issues.

When Bill Clinton ran for President in 1992, he used the power duo's status as a selling point in his campaign, stating that the nation would get "two for one" if he was elected. Her heavy involvement in her husband's politics combined with her sharp tongue and no nonsense manner made Hillary Clinton an easy target for controversy. It became quickly evident that she was not going to stand in the shadow of anyone.

Immediately, Clinton dedicated herself to healthcare reform, working to make the country aware of how many of its citizens could not afford basic medical insurance. Her work drew intense criticism, and her first efforts were eventually abandoned without a vote coming to the House Floor. Clinton did, however, create the Children's Health Insurance Program in 1997.

The program, which provides insurance for children whose parents cannot afford it, is considered her most successful achievement as First Lady. Regardless of whether people liked her or agreed with her, Clinton was doing the work that she felt needed to be done. She kept an office in the White House, and attended meetings when her husband was addressing issues that she was working on. She stayed in the spotlight and kept her finger on the pulse of the nation while her husband served as President.

Not everyone appreciated Clinton's involvement. In 1993, it was rumored that she had illegally profited from a development in the Ozarks called "Whitewater." The Whitewater controversy would define much of Hillary Clinton's time as First Lady, as she found herself on the defensive at every turn. In 1998, Bill Clinton admitted to having an affair with a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky. Hillary stood behind her husband supporting him through a very public scandal.

In 2000, Clinton became the first First Lady elected to public office when she won the U.S. Senate seat from New York State. She served as both First Lady and as U.S. Senator for twenty days. In 2007, she entered into the Presidential race becoming the first First Lady to enter a national political race. Despite raising over $100 million for her campaign, Clinton lost the nomination to Barack Obama. When elected, President Obama asked Clinton to serve as his Secretary of State making her the third woman in history to hold that office and one of the most famous women in recent history in politics.

There is a secret you don't know …

Besides the factual Hillary Clinton biography presented above there is a secret that no one knows except you and me right now. Instead of swearing like a sailor as she'd like to do on occasion, Hillary Clinton just blurts out "Fox Soccer" over and over again.


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